About Us

At Beyond Landscaping, we consider your outdoors to be an extension of your home.

We design exterior living spaces that flow naturally from your dwelling, whether your style is modern, traditional or anywhere in between.

Beyond Landscaping is an award-winning design and build company, serving the Toronto area with dependable service and exceptional landscape designs that bring your garden to life. From a welcoming entrance to multiple living areas for your backyard oasis, we draw upon our extensive design and construction background to create a look that’s truly above and beyond!

Sandy Neal has built just about every landscape imaginable in his 25 years in the landscaping industry. His customers have long been impressed by his imagination and his ability to see the solution to any problem that might come up during a project. Sandy’s motto: “Functional can be beautiful, too.”

For nearly 20 years, Heather Neal has been designing low-maintenance gardens that seamlessly combine function and beauty. Heather believes that planning and good design are essential to landscaping, and she is constantly researching new ideas, plants and design trends.

Heather’s motto: “The tranquility we create in our gardens is a perfect complement to the hustle of city life.”

Proud member of Landscape Ontario

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